As you have already understood from my previous post, today I am gonna talk about one of my best journey so far. It hasn’t been a coincidence that this wonderful experience was possible thanks to an amazing language association that is EF (education first). EF offers you the chance to learn languages all over the world in a different way, merged in a multicultural environment that stimulates the exchange among different cultures.

My adventure in California lasted about 2 weeks, but those were 2 very intense weeks I will never forget! Here’s what I’d love to share with you! Take these places as must visit places. You won’t regret them!

If you want to take a look at the video I made I put the link at the bottom of the article!! Check it out!!


One of the most crazy places in SD. You’ll encounter weirdos all over the beaches, but don’t worry: perfect place to surf and to light up some fires at night.


Are you into nachos, tortillas and tacos? Well, you’re in the right place at the right time! The ethnic part of the city of SD.


If you’ve never tried pancakes, you can’t miss this place! Just one tip: go there when you are starving!


Do you wanna go hiking or you just want to get rid of some calories? Let’s  get out of town to inhale some fresh air walking up and down sandy trails with an amazing view above the Pacific Ocean? Torrey Pines State Reserve offers you multiple trails to choose based on the length and difficulty of that trail. Too tired? No problem, take with you a swimsuit and walk on the beach beside the ocean. Oh yes, just take with you a map otherwise you’ll end up lost like me (ahahah)


Ok, I’ve just told you that I went to San Diego… Well, just remember you are just 3 hours by train (Pacific Coaster) from marvellous LA. Don’t forget to go to Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Griffith Observatory and Hollywood as well. Greatest experience ever!


Near downtown SD there’s a typical island named Coronado Beach. Do you wanna give it a look? Well, it’s worth going, believe me. You’ll be able to take pictures of SD skyline and walk by the boardwalk of one of the best beaches of SD. Fan of military base? On the northest part of the island is locataed a Naval Base, named Naval Base Coronado.


A natural park in SD full of life during the day with the famous San Diego Zoo right inside this floreal environment.


Former home of the Chargers, unfortunately relocated to LA. I was able to watch one of their last games in the stadium, but don’t worry if you’re a fan of football. There are always the Aztecs who are gonna rock the Qualcomm.


mmm… well, I can’t show you all the pictures otherwise I will ruin my reputation. Ahahah, I am gonna give you some recommended places to go to if you are dying to party. McFaddens (1$/beer on ThirstyThursday) and Fluxx (downtown) and any bar is great to party during Taco Tuesday!


Okay, I think I’ve finished with my post. Hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to ask me anything you want about either EF or my journey!